Lost in translation: do interpreter apps work?


They are going to remove language barriers forever. Or so it has been claimed.

Google recently released a real-time translator, while Microsoft-owned Skype is beta-testing its own.

Both firms make grand claims about their services, while other smaller rivals offer alternatives, but the question remains: do they actually work?

I took a selection of apps to Bilbao in the Spanish Basque Country to find out, testing them by completing tasks set for me by colleagues on the BBC’s tech desk.

The first job was to find the northern city’s Guggenheim museum and ask what was its most valuable work of art.

Getting to the museum was not a challenge; another Google app saw to that. The problem was getting my question across.

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Reliable Translation Company in the Philippines

globe-110775_640As a translation company or agency in the Philippines, we are offering our language-based services to cater to the demands of individuals and companies when it comes to document translation and verbal interpretation. We continue to enjoy the confidence of our patrons in the Philippines and other countries. Our clients include academic institutions, Overseas  Filipino Workers, corporations, recruitment agencies, manufacturing companies, and individuals.

We have established our brand name as the most reliable  and professional in the translation industry through the help of our clients who continue to trust our translation service. We never cease in improving our translation service to  ensure that we’re giving you the best translation output.

As part of our efficient translation service, we make sure that we process your request quickly because we understand the element of time, especially for those going abroad. If you are trying our translation service for the first time, we would like to express our gratitude for your effort to find us. We will work to serve you with the best that we can.

To give you an idea, we translate any kind of documents in various formats. We have been translating employment certificates, marriage contract, product labels, purchase order, visa, passport, birth certificate, police clearance, medical certificates, bank documents, letters, and many more. We provide a certificate of translation with dry seal.

Our experienced team of translators is always ready to work on small or even voluminous translation projects. We have translators for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Bahasa, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, and other language combinations. We don’t only translate your document but we polish it so that it’s error-free as much as possible.

We also offer verbal or oral interpretation for similar languages. Our native speakers are equipped with professionalism in terms of providing interpretation for company meetings, conferences, seminar, etc. So if you are looking for accurate and yet affordable translation service provider, please contact us now at mobile number 09292495075  or email us at pillarpub_trans@hotmail.com. Rest assured that we will touching base with you immedately.

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Translation service provider

entrepreneur-593377_640We are a translation company in the Philippines that provides language translation and interpretation as required by various embassies, offices, banks, institutions, and agencies in the country.

We have been in the translation industry for more than a decade now and our team of expert translators, interpreters, linguists, editors, and project heads are all experienced in carrying out translation projects.

Our expertise includes translation of NBI, marriage contract, bank certificates, birth certificate, school documents, product labels, website contents, police clearance, passport, visa, letters, subtitles, scripts, legal papers, contracts, and many more.

As a translation company, we assure you that you will get the most professional and accurate translation and interpretation service that you need.

Our translation comes with a certificate of translation and dry seal. This way, rest assured that the quality of translation service is at par with other multinational and international translation companies or agencies worldwide.

Please contact us now at 09292495075 or email us at pillarpub_trans@hotmail.com

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Professional Translation Company in the Philippines

globe-110774_640For your translation requirement, we have the best team of translators for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Thai, etc.

We have fast and accurate translators for the following documents: NBI, police clearance, marriage contract, diploma, ID, certificate of employment, website contents, product label, school papers, passport, visa, letter, etc.

We have a decade of translation expertise that will meet what you need if are you looking for a reliable translation company in the Philippines.a reliable translation company in the Philippines.

Contact us now at 09292495075 or pillarpub_trans@hotmail.com.

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We translate all kinds of documents

We’re pleased that you found us. If you are looking for a reliable translator for your documents, we’re ready to help you.

Our services include translation of documents such as marriage contract, birth certificate, NBI, employment certificates, letters, website contents, gaming texts, product labels, passport, visa, and many more.

The languages that we translate include Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog or Filipino, Arabic, Spanish, German, Bahasa, Italian, French, Portuguese, and others.

We also offer consecutive and accompanying interpreters for meetings, tour, and conferences.

Kindly contact us now.  Our hotline number is 09292495075 and our email address is pillarpub_trans@hotmail.com.

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Translation with simple process

business_exchange_picture_170372We value our clients’ time and money. That’s why we are offering language translation with a simple process. More than that, we guarantee the accuracy of our translation work so you will be satisfied. So if you need translation of your documents, such as birth certificate, marriage contract, employment papers, legal documents, etc., we’ll be the good choice. We’re fast, we’re affordable, and we’re hassle-free. Please contact our hotline: +639292495075

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Translation of Dutch and other languages

Dutch  English Translation: Affordable and Accurate!

We translate documents from Duth to English and vice versa.

Documents: diploma, marriage contract, birth certificate, baptismal, passport, license, website and many more!

Contact us now for free quotation: 09292495075

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We’re happy to meet your translation requirements

We are moving around the city to meet our clients’ translation demands. If you are located anywhere near Subic Bay area, we can come to you to discuss your requirements and other language-related needs.

Our team is composed of reliable and efficient freelance translators that work on various language combinations. We serve individual and corporate customers who are looking for affordable and yet accurate translation of texts or documents.

We are always on the road to provide a convenient translation service to our valued clients who may not have time to leave their office or home. We assure you that you will get your documents translated the way it should be.

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Translation company in the Philippines and Asia

Pillar Translation and Publication is a company that is engaged primarily in language translation and interpretation in the Philippines and Asia.

We take pride in having the most fluent and seasoned translators and interpreters in the industry. They have undergone serious training in delivering efficient and accurate translation of various types of texts.

Our translation managers are hands-on as they ensure that our service remains faithful to its objective. This way, our clients will get what they deserve.

We understand that translation and interpretation as a process is never easy but we don’t make things complex when we communicate with our clients. Our priority is to listen to what our patrons need so that we can customize our service according to their requirement.

On top of that, we have friendly staff who are also capable of handling immediate requests and responding to all sorts of queries.

So if you are in need of a trustworthy translation company, please feel free to contact us.

Our hotline number is 09292495075 and our email address is pillarpub_trans@hotmail.com.

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Translation in the Philippines (from NCCA)

By Aurora E. Batnag

       Translation in the Philippines started as part of a religious undertaking. The Spanish missionaries used translation as a tool to spread Christianity among the natives, thus fulfilling a utilitarian role: to conquer mind and body. The Spanish missionaries, aware that a foreign language would meet resistance as medium in teaching a new religion, studied the native languages instead and undertook the first translations from Spanish into Tagalog and other Philippine languages.

       The first printed book in the Philippines, the Doctrina Christiana, which came out in 1593, is a translation of prayers and Christian doctrines with which the Spanish friars spread the new religion. Other books that came out after Doctrina were translations or adaptations of Biblical stories, or explications of Christian doctrines.

       In 1627, the first dictionary, Vocabulario de la lengua tagala by Fray Pedro de San Buenaventura came out. It is an important tool for the Spanish missionaries to learn Tagalog.

Other books of translation worth mentioning are the following:

Meditaciones cun manga mahal na pagninilay na sadia sa sanctong pag-Exercisios, by Fray Pedro de Herrera, a translation into Tagalog of the spiritual exercises of San Ignacio de Loyola from the Spanish of Fray Francisco de Salazar.

Manga panalanging pagtatagobilin sa calolova nang tauong naghihingalo (1703), by Gaspar Aquino de Belen, a Batangueno who worked in the printing press of the Jesuits. The book is a translation of Recomendacion del alma (1613) by Tomas de Villacastin.

Aral na tunay na totoong pagaacay sa tauo, nang manga cabanalang gaua nang manga maloualting santos na si Barlaan ni Josaphat (1712) by Fray Antonio de Borja based on the text of San Juan Damaceno.

       It should be noted that the source language was not always Spanish. There were also what is called relay translation, where Spanish was an intervening language of a text that was originally written in other languages. The translation language (or target language) was not only Tagalog, either. Since Manila was the seat of the colonial government, most of the publications were of Tagalog texts; however, there were also translations in Ilokano, Kapampangan, Cebuano and others.

       The earliest translations were therefore directly related to religion. Toward the end of the 18th century, translation took a new direction. This time, the texts were not purely religious, though still containing religious ideas. From Europe came the narrative poetry and the metrical romance which became popularly known as awit and korido. The theatrical presentations komedya and moro-moro became very popular. They were believed to be either translation or adaptations of comedia de capa y espada. The translators were “Indios” in the employ of Spanish friars, and in the translation, they would add their own interpretations, thus giving indigenous touch to the translated texts.

       There were also translations from Tagalog and other native languages into Spanish. Fray Pedro Chirino retold in Spanish two legends in Panay. Fray Ignacio Francisco Alzina summarized in Spanish two narrative poems in Boholano.

       Our national hero, Jose Rizal, translated into Tagalog Schiller’s Wilhelm Tell from the original German.

       Toward the end of the 19th century, translation had a new use, no longer to conquer, but to inspire the spirit of nationalism and thus to liberate. Ang mga Karampatan ng Tawo (1891-92) is a translation of Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen which summarized the spirit of the French Revolution. Jose Rizal’s “Amor Patrio” was translated into Tagalog as “Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa.” Rizal’s “Mi Ultimo Adios” was translated by Andres Bonifacio as “Huling Pahimakas.”

       With the coming of the Americans and the introduction of English as medium of instruction, the direction of translation is now from English into Tagalog/Filipino and other Philippine languages. The translation texts are no longer religious in nature, but now have a wider range. Translation is now a tool for liberating the masses from ignorance. Through translations, those who do not fully understand English may still benefit from the wisdom of the west through the translation into Filipino and other Philippine languages of informative materials on science and technology. In the field of education, translation is a necessary tool in the production of textbooks and reference materials in the language understandable to the greater number of the people.

       English is also used as intervening language in the translation into Filipino of various materials from French, German, Japanese, and other languages.

       The government agency that has pioneered in translation is Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (formerly Surian ng Wikang Pambansa later renamed Linangan ng mga Wika sa Pilipinas). Now, the National Commission on Culture and the Arts is also mandated to undertake translation work through one of its national committees, the Committee on Language and Translation. NCCA sponsored a project in 1991 which surveyed individuals and institutions undertaking translation, and came out with a bibliographic listing of translated works.

       Nowadays, there are many individuals and institutions undertaking translation, aside from the KWF and the NCCA. There are religious organizations which translate the Bible into the Philippine languages; there are individuals who translate literary works and non-literary texts. There are two existing professional organizations of translators, Pambansang Samahan sa Pagsasalingwika and Pambansang Unyon ng mga Tagasalin. What is needed now is a concerted effort to come up with a national translation program that will define priorities and professionalize translation.

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